Unit 8 - Geometry

Lesson 4

Lesson 2

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Lesson 1

Unit 6 - Fractions






Unit 4 Equations, Prime and Composite Numbers

Prime Numbers

Multiples and Factors

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Unit 3


Unit 3 Test - Form B Answers - Check to see how you did!
  1. B
  2. F
  3. D
  4. K
  5. A
  6. H
  7. C
  8. H
  9. B
  10. H
  11. A
  12. H
  13. B
  14. K
  15. A
  16. G
  17. D
  18. F
  19. D
  20. G

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Unit 2

Multiplication with Whole Numbers

Unit 2 Skills:
  • Multiply using area models, expanded notation model, place value section, algebraic notation, shortcut multiplication method
  • Decompose multiplication through the use of base ten models eg. 444= (4 x 100) + (4 x 10) + (4 x 1)
  • Explain that a digit in one place is ten times greater than the digit to the right
  • Estimate products to check the reasonableness of an answer
  • Apply multiplication methods to word problems
  • Construct a viable arguments and critique reasoning of others
  • Explain the process of how to solve a problem and explain why you chose that process (written, pictorial, verbal)
  • Determine the necessary information needed to solve multiplication story problems

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Unit 1

Visit math-drills.com to print out variety of worksheets for additional practice (math facts, place value, measurement, etc.).

Example of Subtraction
Regrouping from 0 when subtracting three digit numbers:

Unit 1 Skills:
Place Value System
Read and write multi-digit numbers to one million
•Read and write numbers in expanded, standard, and number form up to one million
Compare multi-digit whole numbers
Recognize patterns in repeated reasoning in place value by 10 times more
Use >, =, < to record results of comparisons to one million
•Understand and explain how to round numbers to one million
Addition and Subtraction
Vertically align digits for accurate computation
Solve addition and subtraction problems using one or more method
Explain through estimation the reasonableness of an addition and subtraction problems